“As a Marketing Manager, you must learn how to more readily prove to your Managing Attorney the value inbound marketing will have on the law firm. This guide breaks it down in simple terms.”

If you’re a Marketing Manager of a law firm, you may be wondering how best to prove to your Managing Attorney the value of inbound marketing. There will undoubtedly be questions regarding many aspects of the law firm marketing plan you develop. Be prepared to address concerns with your knowledge surrounding profit, growth, performance, and more in relation to utilizing inbound marketing within your plan. With the right preparation, communication, and teamwork, proving the efficacy of this marketing strategy should be quite simple.

Find Common Ground with Your Managing Attorney

Before you begin to make the necessary points, you need to find common ground with your Managing Attorney. As a Marketing Manager, you should know exactly what the law firm is looking for. Let the Managing Attorney present all concerns and explain the firm’s needs. This will help you to properly implement inbound marketing into the law firm marketing plan.

Figure out all of the areas where you both agree and use those as a basis for building a plan for law firm inbound marketing. Also present areas of importance that your Managing Attorney may not have considered, keeping in mind any sensitive areas.

Speak the Managing Attorney’s Language

Once you find common ground, talk in terms your Managing Attorney will understand. Use words or points that apply both to that individual person, as well as the business at hand.

Points are best proven when presented with logic that is easy for the receiving party to comprehend. For instance, when speaking to a basketball player, you wouldn’t use football terminology to discuss basketball strategies. Talk in terms of goals, rather than schemes or tactics. These are easily seen through and frowned upon.

Your law firm marketing plan should instead be based upon the discussed goals, as well as proven inbound marketing strategy that applies to the legal sector. Your Managing Attorney should  be more open to such a plan, as it will be much more solid.

Proving Efficiency of Law Firm Marketing

As a Marketing Manager, you should be able to easily present your firms past results for comparison. It may also be helpful to run a test campaign that is smaller than your overall newly proposed law firm marketing plan.

When you pitch the plan, be confident and emphasize the goals, explaining how the outlined plan will help meet the law firm’s goals more consistently than your current strategy. Don’t be afraid to offer new ideas and strategies that may be beneficial to the law firm. Inbound marketing especially is a new concept to most outside the world of marketing. Take this into consideration and avoid making assumptions when talking about inbound marketing. Articulate all of the key benefits and reasons inbound is a good fit for your firm.

Discuss Attorney Inbound Marketing and Long-Term Assets

When making your presentation, it’s important to convey that inbound marketing is often a more stable plan as it focuses on building reliable, on-going traffic, leads, and clients for your practice. Inbound also allows your firm to nurture existing clients forming better long-term relationships and rapport.

Unlike paid search ads on Google or other search engines, which produce short-term results, inbound marketing strategies allow for more reliable measurements, analysis, and improvements. When you are able to efficiently measure and analyze a marketing plan, positive results generally happen at a much higher rate. Be prepared to show statistics, as well as discuss possible plan options that apply directly to the law firm.

Pulling Everything Together with Your Managing Attorney

Once you you have discussed measurable goals and assets, as well as established common ground and how to implement the plan smoothly, it’s time to bring everything together. Meet with your Managing Attorney so that you both are in agreement with how the attorney inbound marketing strategy should go.

This step helps ensure that both the Marketing Manager and Managing Attorney are on the same page. When everyone clearly understands needs and goals, as well as how a marketing plan should work, it’s much easier to understand exactly why law firm inbound marketing is the right choice and how to implement it successfully.

Final Considerations

This article only brushes the surface of strategy and planning required to pitch inbound to your managing attorney. Use this as a starting point of opening the inbound conversation. (If you are looking for more information about Inbound Marketing for your Law firm, see our Attorney Inbound Authority Guide)

Inbound marketing is a complex and methodical marketing strategy. It takes a great deal of time to develop, implement, and manage all aspects of inbound marketing. Take this into consideration when putting together your presentation as well. Your Managing Attorney(s) may be concerned with the time and manpower investment as well as the cost. Consider hiring or exploring the option of bringing in an inbound marketing specialist to develop and implement a successful law firm inbound strategy.

Inbound specialists will take a great deal of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and enable you to spend your time developing a great content marketing strategy, higher-level offers such as eBooks, white papers, etc., and even working to enhance existing client relationships with your law firm.

While considering the benefits of inbound for your firm, enjoy a copy of our eBook outlining 7 Key Marketing Challenges to avoid. If you are already considering inbound marketing it is more than likely your law firm is already experiencing several of these challenges.

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci is a Small Business Consultant and Strategic Branding Specialist. He calls Monterey, CA home and is a life-long musician who spends his free time writing, composing, and producing music. He has also co-authored two books, and is working on his own upcoming book titled, “Small Business Pricing Mastery – Creating effective pricing and defining value for today’s products and services.”

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