Business Location Management

As many small businesses have come to find out, their phones ring less, their websites generate fewer leads, and their social pages no longer seem to resonate with local audiences like they once did. Losing business without a clear understanding of why can be frustrating and hurt business growth indefinitely.

With the rise in online marketing and the massive number of online directories and map services which publicly display your business information, inconsistent local business information has become a major problem for many small businesses.

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Why Does Local Visibility Matter?

  1. Inconsistent data hurts your ability to be found in a local search
  2. Customers performing a local search are ready to buy or contact the business. When your listing information is incorrect, you lose business.
  3. Search users are impatient and will not dig to find a local vendor. You have one shot at making the right first impression.
  4. Outside of local search results search engines may rank your website pages on the accuracy of information found throughout online directories as well. Therefore, incomplete or inaccurate information affects search visibility.

Introducing Yext for Local Visibility Management

Vinci Digital has partnered with Yext to deliver the perfect solution for maintaining and optimizing your local business information and bring customers back to your business.

With hundreds of potential listings to try and manage, business owners are faced with the challenge of maintaining consistent, accurate, and useful information for local search directories to display to the public. This also presents a real challenge of knowing how or where to update the listings since they are published on a great number of websites.

Recent local data statistics:*

  • Local searches using phrases such as “near me” have doubled in the last year
  • 50% of mobile users will visit your business or website after performing a local search
  • Complete and accurate local listings show 347% more often in search results
  • Complete listings received 416% more listing views
  • Complete Yelp pages received 214% more views

*This data compares a complete listing to a listing with minimal information provided

Why our platform gets results

One simple login enables you to manage all your online business listings in one place, saving you hours of time and frustration.
Rather than deleting duplicate listings in hopes they don’t return, duplicates are suppressed, which means they never come back!
Direct integration with over 60 local listing directories and maps to ensure your business information remains accurate and visible where it matters most.
Updates and edits to your listings are made in real-time which means your business information maintains the latest data without delay.
With instant updates, your listings become a marketing tool to promote offers, discounts, or content, ebooks, news, and more.
As new directories and map tools are released, your listing maintains consistency and accuracy, which protects local visibility.

1-5 LocationsBest for Small Business

$ 85-100

per monthSave $15 per month when paying annually

5-10 Locations

$ 75-90

per monthSave $15 per month when paying annually

10-25 Locations

$ 65-80

per monthSave $15 per month when paying annually