Before WordPress, if you wanted to build a website, it would involve both an intimate knowledge of coding and programming as well as familiarity with a number of web development software programs.

Now, with this incredible tool, anyone can build their own highly functional website with relative ease.

Is it easy? Well… no.

Not if you want a very professional end product. And, it will take time and dedication to produce the desired result, but it does not require vast amounts expert knowledge to do so.

With the right resources the process of building your own WordPress website can be pretty painless. There are countless sites dedicated to helping you get started and in this article we’ve pulled together 20 of the best wordpress resources for anyone looking to do a little DIY web work!

WP Kube www.wpkube.com

As one of the oldest WordPress resources, WP Kube is an aggregate of a variety of articles geared towards beginners and advanced WP users alike. This makes it a great resource to start out, as it can help point you in the right direction. This site also offers coupons on several incredibly useful plugins, such as ones to help with your CSS pages, adding coupons to a commerce site, and theme packages.

WP Mayor www.wpmayor.com

An easy to use and extremely helpful site, WP Mayor is a great resource for articles relating to WordPress, as well as providing services to help you make the most of your WordPress site. These services include scrubbing your WordPress site if it ever gets infected with malware, auditing your site for any redundancies, and helping you promote your site with banner ads and giveaways.

WordPress.tv www.WordPress.tv

For those who like a more visual element to go with their information, WordPress.tv is an online hub for video sessions of WordPress Camps, which are where WordPress experts get together to discuss various aspects of WP and how to make it better. This is a great way to get a better understanding of aspects of WordPress from the people who know it best. The other great thing about this site is that they offer videos in a wide variety of languages, to make it accessible to anyone.

WP Explorer www.wpexplorer.com

WP Explorer is one of the more industrious websites for those looking to get started. Rather than articles and information, WP explorer helps you dive right in by hosting your site, giving you free themes to choose from, offering discounts on plugins, and helping you build your WordPress site easily and efficiently.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

WPMU https://premium.wpmudev.org

Although there are a lot of sites out there, WPMU is probably one of the only you’ll ever need, both for getting started and maintaining your WordPress site. They offer a great selection of services, including web hosting, customizable themes, a vast support network, and even tutorial videos for any problem you may encounter. This is a great resource for beginners and veterans alike.

WP Recipes www.wprecipes.com

Built around the concept of a shared WordPress experience, WP recipes is a resource for bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, as well as a way get free giveaways for various WordPress related items. The site also has a communal aspect to it, as the recipes are created by users, for users. This means you can use it as a resource, or post your own guides for anyone else looking to get started.

WP Snippets www.wp-snippets.com

Most WordPress resource sites have a page full of articles, complete with pictures and links. WP Snippets gets rid of all of the pomp and circumstance of such things, and instead provides a list of quick links, or “snippets” if you will, to get you going even faster without getting bogged down in semantics. This site also has several freebies and giveaways, including site themes and plugins, including one for the program Bootstrap.

WP Snipp www.wpsnipp.com

Much like its cousin, WP Snippets, WP Snipp keeps things simple and accessible. While not as low key or direct as Snippets, it does manage to streamline the information for users while keeping some of the visual aspect that allows them to browse easily for information. The best part of this site is that it has categorized everything, so you can better get to the information you need without having to search extensively for it. They also offer multiple tutorials to help you get started.

WP Beginner www.wpbeginner.com

Catering almost exclusively to those starting out with WordPress, WP Beginner is a great resource for figuring out what kind of site you want to create, as well as providing excellent resources to get it hosted and looking sharp. The site not only includes a variety of plugins and themes, but it also provides targeted videos to help you visually. In addition, the site also has a comprehensive glossary of web and design vocabulary, to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Manage WP.org www.managewp.com

This site is another aggregate of WP articles and tutorials, culling from the massive selection of WordPress sites to bring you the latest and greatest articles and videos to help you with any WordPress issues. The site also includes a categorized list of plugins to get you started. Like WP Recipes, this site has a communal aspect, where users can submit articles and videos to share their knowledge. This makes the information a little more intuitive and easy to digest, as it’s from people going through the same issues.

Tuts+ WordPress code.tutsplus.com

Tuts plus is a site dedicated to presenting thoughtful and engaging tutorials for a wide variety of subjects. Almost like an online teacher, Tuts plus is a perfect learning tool for beginners and experts alike, giving you the skills you need to become a WordPress master.

Tips and Tricks HQ www.tipsandtricks-hq.com

Much like its name would suggest, Tips and Tricks HQ is an online hub for learning the quick little nuggets of information that a lot of other sites can overlook. Since WordPress has so much potential, it’s easy to bypass some of the more intuitive aspects of it. This site helps you to tap into them.

WP Tavern www.wptavern.com

With a bit more relaxed and welcoming feel, WP tavern is a great place to hang out and learn about WordPress while you’re there. There is a large community of WordPress experts that converge at WP tavern to have lively discussions about different aspects of WP. With a wide variety of article categories and tutorials, WP tavern is the kind of place where you feel like everyone knows your name, as long as your name is Word Press.

Torque Magazine www.torquemag.io

Torque is one of several online magazines that exists solely to help people better understand and utilize WordPress. Torque is a great source for articles to get you started as a beginner, as well as develop specialized aspects of your site, such as e-commerce. They also have a weekly podcast to help you out with various WordPress issues.

Smashing Magazine smashingmagazine.com

Like Torque, Smashing is an online publication that caters exclusively to WP. The main difference, however, is that Smashing is geared more for those with more experience in WordPress, and who are looking to upgrade their WP potential. With guides on how to make money, adjusting your site for mobile devices, as well as marketing tools, Smashing is a great guide for those looking to “smash” their way to success. In a good way, that is.

WP Hub www.wphub.com

This is a great resource for those starting out, as they can help from inception to production of your site. WP Hub offers themes, hosting, and various services to help you get started with WordPress. They’re like a helping hand, guiding you into the crowded marketplace that is WP.

Jupiter Jims Marketing www.jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com

As the name suggests, this site is geared more towards helping WordPress users market themselves and their brands to maximize their outreach. With guides and tips for beginners and experienced users, this site is a great way to launch your site into the next stage.

Make.WordPress www.make.WordPress.org

What makes this resource a little different from the others is that this is an online community built out of WordPress itself. Much like Wikipedia or any other user submitted encyclopedic site, Make.WordPress is a vast network of beginners and veterans sharing their experiences and helping each other grow and utilize their potential.

WP 101 www.wp101.com

Boasting itself as the fastest way to learn WordPress, WP 101 has a wide variety of video tutorials and training to help anyone learn the basics of WP “in an hour”, according to the site. If you’re looking to get started right away, then this is the best resource for you. With an extensive list of videos and tutorials, as well as a huge online community (over 23,000) to help you and provide support, WP101 is the first place to go to get started on WordPress.

Easy WP Guide www.easywpguide.com

Easy WP Guide is basically a comprehensive user’s manual for WordPress. You can download the latest version and browse the information at your leisure. This is great for Do-it-yourself people who like to go at their own pace and progress in a more linear fashion. What’s best about this online resource is that it updates along with WordPress, so you can make sure that you always have the latest version.


While this list is far from a complete list of the best WordPress resources, this is certainly some of the better, free options the web has to offer. Whether you’re looking to start a blog (over 70% of WordPress users are bloggers) or a fully functional website, WordPress has certainly changed the face of the internet and made it easier for anyone with the right mix of creativity and ambition to make their mark on a global scale.

Tell us More! We want to know what WordPress Resources you value the most! Leave us a comment below.

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci

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