Facebook long ago took the social media realm by storm and quickly made itself the preeminent place for Internet socialization. In the recent past, Facebook has gone beyond being simply a socialization spot to a place where businesses can take advantage of the mass number of users to use as an advertising platform.

Besides the massive reach Facebook has, there are numerous reasons Facebook is a great place for businesses to advertise. Here are some reasons you should consider using Facebook advertising for business.

The statistics

According to Facebook for Business, 89% of Facebook advertising reaches its intended audience. That is far more than the 38% of other online advertising outlets. With numbers like that, it is easy to see why Facebook is an excellent choice for an advertising platform. Since Facebook’s effectiveness is so high, businesses that use it for advertising are able to use various devices to find the right customers, deliver the right messages to the right people, and get the most value for their advertising dollars. Facebook is a powerful platform in terms of user engagement. The majority of users spend significant amounts of time throughout their day interacting with their friends and followers. This means the opportunity for users to see your advertising is far greater than typical advertising methods.

Setting goals


As with anything in business, the first step in advertising on Facebook is setting goals and determining desired outcomes. Goals can range from something simple to wanting more “likes” to increasing awareness or sales. It is important to establish goals first because it will determine the type of Facebook ad that should be used. Facebook provides you with a list of possible outcomes and from there you are off to the races. Businesses who are new to Facebook advertising might want to start with a simple goal such as increasing “likes” because it will help to build an audience. But make sure you read all about targeting below, otherwise you won’t be happy with the goal outcome.

Building the right page

Before a business can even think about creating an advertising campaign for Facebook, it needs to carefully consider their Facebook page itself. It should include a unique and relevant profile photo and cover photo as well as some recent posts to show current activity and credibility. Also, be sure all contact info, address, “about us” sections are all completed and accurate. And even more important than all of this, make sure you are giving people a reason to like the page. If it’s empty or full of irrelevant content that doesn’t relate to their likes, wants, needs, etc, than you have wasted their time and your ad budget getting them there in the first place. It is also important for a company to “like” their own page and then share it with friends. This is often how many pages begin to build their following.

Connecting to fans

Once the page is set up, multiple ads should be set up. This will help build an audience for the page. It is important to use the targeting options below in order to get the right people looking at the right ads.

Engaging with fans

The surest way to engage fans is by providing great content. Pin important information to the top of the page, share news, and respond to people who post on the page. Once they are won over, they will be easy to advertise to. Also think about how you create or write you post. Are you making a statement when you could be asking a question? Are you speaking directly to your target audience’s needs? Try different methods and ways of engagement to learn more about the behaviors of your audience. Learn what gets them to respond or react to your posts. Every target audience is unique so this can take some time to truly understand. Facebook provides a decent level of “insight” into each campaign as well. You can see how many impressions and interactions your ads received. One nifty advantage too, if you run a campaign and get likes on the ad, you can then invite those people to your page. So the ad helps build awareness and then can convert people who merely liked the ad, into fans of your page.

Ad_Set_SummaryTargeting options

One of the keys to the success of Facebook advertising is its use of targeting options. And actually Facebook’s targeting options are what make the platform so powerful. So if nothing else, learn to master targeting with your ads and you will see massive return on investment. Targeting options include parameters that a business can set to assure their targeted audiences are being reached. There are several options to choose from, so customization is boundless.

Location targeting

Location targeting on Facebook allows a business to reach out to a customer-base in a specific geographic area. Businesses can also target a specific radius from a particular city or exclude certain regions. Specifically targeting locations allows businesses to zone in on customers in locations from which they are likely to pull more business. For example if your product relates more to urban life you can directly target all major cities across the US.

Demographic targeting

Demographics are of the utmost importance in advertising. Facebook allows businesses to set demographic parameters such as gender, age, relationship status, education, work, financial, ethnicity, generation, politics, and life events to get their message out to the people who will be most interested in it. This level of granularity means you can truly target the right audience for your ad campaign without wasting dollars on those that might only potentially be interested. This helps businesses increase the likelihood of gaining business, building a following, or achieving their advertising goal.


People spend lots of their free time on Facebook. It provides a forum for everyone to share their activities and goals. By using Facebook advertising, businesses can take this information and define exactly who they want to receive their advertising efforts by choosing to target specific behaviors. Some available behavior categories would include automotive, charitable donations, digital activities, expats, financial behaviors (purchasing behavior), job role, media, mobile behavior, residential profiles, seasonal and event behavior, travel, and a whole lot more! No other platform can deliver this level of complexity.


Facebook advertising also allows businesses to create definitions of their target audience based on factors such as their listed interests, hobbies, and pages a user on Facebook “likes”. By using information Facebook users add to their pages, businesses can easily target ideal potential customers.   For example, if you are a home redecorator, chances are you would be looking to advertise to those selling or buying a home. Therefore someone who has an interest in or has liked pages about local realtors or homes for sale would be a prime candidate to receive your ad.

Facebook offers

Facebook also uses offers to help business owners collect more from businesses than just a simple “like.” These are deals that a company offers strictly for Facebook users and by offering a simple token in exchange for an email address, a business can greatly increase its contact list.

Advertising on Facebook provides a business with different ad placement options for attracting attention. Each option offers specific benefits for the businesses that use it.

Special deals

Businesses that are offering special deals can use Facebook to bring attention to it. Since so many people use Facebook, it’s a great method of raising awareness of special sales and promotions a business is offering.

Sponsored stories

Sponsored stories appear on someone’s feed based on people’s interactions with a user’s page. Normally, these stories get buried in the feed among all of the other activity. A business can pay a fee to increase the likelihood their sponsored story will be seen and increase awareness of the business.

Audience reach

The audience reach function provides business owners and marketing departments with a visualization of how many people their ads can potentially reach. This is a good indicator of the number of prospects in your target audience. And it also gives you an idea of likely conversions if you have past ad performance to refer back to. Make sure, once you create a target audience that you save it for future use.

Facebook provides a unique method of advertising. Thanks to the ability to target audiences and different attention-getting options, businesses can be assured they can reach the right people at the right time. Plus, since Facebook is a gigantic network, there is an increased chance of “likes” and “shares” that can result in even more potential customers. Advertising on Facebook is both inexpensive and effective. It truly is a pioneer in a new generation of advertising.

This article is intended to give you a general overview of how you could be utilizing Facebook Advertising for business. Our advice would be to play around with the tools in Facebook’s ad campaign builder. Also, if you can, create multiple versions of the ad and test different targeting strategies to see what works best for you. Understanding the most cost-effective and beneficial platforms to reach more customers is critical in marketing success today. Reach out to us any time or leave a comment below if you want to learn more. We are happy to help.


Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci is a Small Business Consultant and Strategic Branding Specialist. He calls Monterey, CA home and is a life-long musician who spends his free time writing, composing, and producing music. He has also co-authored two books, and is working on his own upcoming book titled, “Small Business Pricing Mastery – Creating effective pricing and defining value for today’s products and services.”

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