There are a lot of free website builders on the internet, but none as versatile, well-built and widely used as WordPress. With minimal web building experience, anyone can create a website that fits their unique vision, whether that is to create an online community, an art showcase blog or a standard business site.

Our website is our sounding board for whatever cause we wish to draw attention to: our art, business, music, products, community, etc. It can be hard enough to get people to visit your site… after all, it is just one of over 600 million that call the internet “home.”

While acquiring an audience and keeping the audience engaged with your website is one of your top priorities, it takes more than luck to keep users coming back. Even with the best content, your website would suffer if it did not function well across a variety of devices. WordPress itself is just a content engine, but the theme you choose to display your content can make or break your sites success! Novice website owners often try to do everything dirt cheap and in the end, wind up with a lackluster product that doesn’t deliver as expected.

If you are a “DIYer” think about spending a small amount for a WordPress Premium theme to help get your website started on the right foot.

WordPress Premium Themes and Plug-Ins could very well make all the difference between a viewer staying to explore your site or making a quick click to the back button and look elsewhere. It may be hard to find the motivation to shell out a few bucks when there are tons of free themes to choose from, and there may be dozens of other areas of your business or cause that need the attention of your hard earned cash. So, why bother?

Here’s why:

#1 No one wants to spend time on a website that doesn’t work right.

WordPress premium themes, such as those found on Themeforest, Elegant Themes, and Studio Press, are made by professionals and packed full of everything you need to build an effective website. The biggest draw for a premium theme is that they are tested and heavily supported by the theme developers. Free themes on the other hand, you are usually on your own and even out of the box, some of these themes are “buggy” to say the least. If your website is unreliable or does not function as expected, you can bet your visitors will not stick around. On average, most premium themes cost $30 to $100 on average. This is peanuts if you think about the type of money you can generate long term through any website. Using a highly functional, modern, WordPress premium theme can give you a greater chance at keeping people on the site, and when something does go amiss, you have a support team ready to help! Also, premium themes are usually a life-time purchase. Which means as new versions of the theme are released your will have access to though new robust features as well!

#2 Premium Themes are unique, so your product will stand out to users.

If we look at a site like Themeforest, they have well over 5,000 WordPress premium themes and over 3,000 WordPress premium plugins available to purchase. This gives you an amazing variety of themes and functionality to choose from. It’s often challenging for business owners to find a way to stand out among the competition, and a premium theme can really help in this regard. It’s not uncommon for many websites in the same industry to carry a similar look and feel. If you take the time to research premium themes you can easily find something that is still appropriate for your audience but is often far more visually or functionally pleasing than what your competitors are offering.

#3 You need to spend (a little) money to make money.

Something changed when the internet became widely used in the 1990’s. A strong distinction was made between the “real” and “virtual”, and oftentimes, people did not want to pay for something that they can never even touch. Intangible products always seem harder to put a price tag on. However, now we know how valuable the services offered on the web are. People around the world have made their fortunes using a format that only exists inside a computer screen. Valuable, high-quality products should be paid for. We wouldn’t expect a great physical product to be free, so why should it be free on the web?

Free themes are often made quickly and sloppily, and may even carry unscrupulous add-ons. They also may only be compatible with certain versions of WordPress which can be a major problem quickly. By paying a nominal fee, usually around $30-100 (or even as little as $3 on Themeforest), you are making a wise investment in the professionalism and reliability of your website.

#4 You’ll make money.

Online buyer confidence is often driven by what a visitor sees and how comfortable they feel with the website they are interacting with. Even if you do not have a retail store, your website is still often selling something whether it’s your service, your community, etc. Working with a WordPress premium theme can elevate your end-user’s experience and improve their confidence in working with you or purchasing from your website. Also, if you are looking to sell ad space on your website, many premium themes have tools built in to make this easy as can be with designated areas set to plugin in ad codes, banner ads, etc.

#5 Responsive Coding

If you’ve ever priced a Custom WordPress Website including responsive design, you know it can cost thousands to have it designed and built. Most of today’s premium themes come equipped with responsive coding so your site can function on all devices. So finding a theme that is responsive, and relatively straight forward to use as the backbone of your website can really save on costs and still deliver a professional looking website. Keep in mind, getting one website to function seamlessly across all devices is a challenge and takes time, no matter your level of proficiency. You will want to test, test, and test some more!

No matter what type of website you plan to build, be prepared, even when purchasing a premium theme to spend at least 30-50 hours of your time getting everything ironed out how you want it. The time spent upfront can be far worth the reward. WordPress premium themes can truly help you get a great site together quickly and provide you with not only a mobile friendly layout but many other bells and whistles built in such as shopping carts, form builders, page builders, portfolio and gallery integrations, sliders, social integration, and much more.

We do caution the use of a pre-built theme if it is not needed since they tend to have a lot of extra assets that can really affect your page speed. Be careful and consider this when making your selection. You also might be wondering why we would ever use a WordPress premium themes when we can build our own from scratch. Well, sometimes the budget and the price of a custom build do not see eye to eye. If a customer cannot afford a custom site, we can explore premium themes as an alternative. Or, sometimes, a customer has specific expectations or functionality needed such as a photography website or online store would need and in these cases, building from scratch would not make as much sense as working with a premium theme which already includes many of the features they desire. So the more specialized the website requirements, often we must consider premium themes as an option to keep the budget in line with the customer’s expectations.

If you has to ask us, our personal preference of where to get your WordPress premium theme, it would be ThemeForest. We love their selection, qualifying process for adding themes to their collection, and their theme developer support is second to none.

Tell us more about your favorite premium theme shop. Leave us a comment below!


Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci is a Small Business Consultant and Strategic Branding Specialist. He calls Monterey, CA home and is a life-long musician who spends his free time writing, composing, and producing music. He has also co-authored two books, and is working on his own upcoming book titled, “Small Business Pricing Mastery – Creating effective pricing and defining value for today’s products and services.”

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