Who We Are

We deliver lasting change, turning strategic marketing into positive growth for any business.

Vinci Digital is a creative marketing agency in Monterey, CA with two decades of online marketing experience.

We put the needs of our client and their audience above all else, which helps us deliver powerful, engaging, and lasting growth for their business.

From cutting-edge web design to helping businesses redefine their brand positioning, attract leads, and close more customers, our team delivers better awareness, opportunity, and long-term success within any market.

Our Leadership

Gerald D. Vinci

Brand Development & Market Strategy

Gerald is the owner of Vinci Digital. For the better part of two decades, his hands-on marketing expertise has spanned creative and technical endeavors, consulting, and strategic planning. His insight and diverse skill set have been instrumental to our success and in developing a value system which puts service, collaboration, communication, and transparency above all else.

Gerald is committed to customer satisfaction, helping clients work through the challenges they face, and finding solutions that generate lasting results.

Brittany Henderson

Marketing Account Manager

Brittany coordinates customer expectations with our creative output. With a strong background in auditing and quality assurance for ISO Certified corporations, she has an amazing eye for detail and ensures our delivery meets or exceeds both our internal standard of excellence and our customer’s expectations.

Brittany brings strong leadership and positive reinforcement to our team, inspiring everyone to over deliver time and time again. She enjoys the challenge of working within a creative agency and takes pride in making customer satisfaction a top priority.

Erin Tambasacan

Senior Project Manager

Erin is an absolute rockstar when it comes to project management. As the liaison between our creative team, account managers, and customers, she excels in making sure our delivered product meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Erin also specializes in website quality assurance enabling her to provide sound advice and the right solution for any challenge thrown her way. Erin has been instrumental in overhauling our project management system and by doing so, she’s ensured clear communication between our team and our customers remains priority #1.

Jendy Asuncion

Head of Web Development

Anyone familiar with web design and development knows how difficult it is to find someone equally gifted in both design and coding. Jendy is our “diamond in the rough.” His ability to deliver creative and appealing design as well as handle some of our most complex programming needs, makes his contribution to our team essential for success.

As our head of web development, Jendy helps develop the best solution for our customers within budget and is looked to by all creative team members as someone they can go to for help, guidance, and insight.


Q & A


core values

While the tools, strategies, and needs of our customers change, our core beliefs are constant.

#1 Upholding Excellence

We deliver on our promises and do all that we can to add value to the businesses we help. Our entire team is accountable for meeting our standard of excellence which ensures our customer’s expectations are met and held in the highest regard on every marketing initiative we touch.


Continuing Education

When you love what you do, it’s easy to find new and innovative ways to deliver great results. We believe in discovering a better way to deliver both service and satisfaction each and every time. Our passion for learning and maintaining a healthy level of humility helps our team grow with the needs of our clients.


Aim to Help

Sharing is a good thing. We live for collaboration and letting our customers participate in our creative process. Delivering effective marketing solutions is more than just providing a service. We empower customers not only with the tools for success but how to use them to their advantage.


Service Before All Else

Every customer and every project is unique. There is no standard approach to delivering customized, effective marketing solutions. We believe in delivering the best product possible, built specifically for our customer’s needs. By keeping what’s best for the client top of mind, we ensure what’s best for the project, will benefit our customer as well.



Marketing is not crystal clear, even to the most seasoned business owner. Given the myriad of tools and strategies available to deliver results, we believe in full disclosure. By providing all possible solutions within a given scenario, our customers can make decisions with confidence that the choices made will benefit their business most.


Clear Communication

We believe in asking questions and understanding the full scope of our customer’s needs prior to engaging in any marketing initiative. We encourage our customers to do the same. Maintaining an honest, open line of communication from start to finish creates a level of trust and rapport our customers rely on for long-term growth.