Why WP Support?

Because focusing on your core business rather than managing your website is a far better use of your time.

While WordPress is an easy platform to manage when it comes to creating new content and growing your online presence, making sure it is well maintained, protected, and running at top performance are better left in the hands of website experts.

We know WordPress inside and out.

While typical updates are simple and easy for anyone to make, the majority of our clients do not have the time to keep up with the site themselves. And, even those with the time, lack the manpower to get it done or the patience to learn proper maintenance or security protocols that a WordPress website requires.

Quick Repairs & Upkeep

As time goes on you may have small bugs or glitches you need corrected in your site. Or, you may have simple content, photo, or other small edits that are better left to the experts. Our quick fix platform keeps your site running smoothly and leaves the updates and upkeep to the pros!

Rolling Backups

Websites today are more than just a series of pages sitting on a server. They are a living, breathing, evolving and critical asset to your businesses online presence. We protect your investment with daily backups and the capability to restore the entire site in mere moments, minimizing downtime.

Uptime Monitoring

Your business may rely on your WordPress websites for leads, sales, or communication with existing customers or prospects. With our 24/7 uptime monitoring we know the moment your site becomes unresponsive and take immediate action.

Malware & Security

Remove WordPress vulnerabilities and protect your online investment. What would it cost your business if your website was attacked, hacked, or simply down and offline for a period of time? What if your critical and private data was stolen from you and your customers? Protect Your Investment!

Stress Testing

From a “bird’s eye view” most websites seem functional, but there may be errors within your website affecting lead generation, sales, or communication. We perform quality assurance checks on critical assets such as contact forms, payment gateways, broken links, and much more.

WordPress Updates

WordPress and many of the features and functionality tied to your WordPress website are updated regularly to further enhance your website’s security, functionality, or capability. We ensure your WordPress platform and plugins stay current and running at peak performance.

Site Speed Optimization

As your website begins to age, grows in size, or functionality, the load time and speed of the site may be comprised. With WP Support, your website speed and load times are tested monthly and optimized to ensure your site remains visible, accessible, and functioning at peak performance.

Monthly Reporting

Included in your plan you will receive an in-depth monthly report outlining all activity through the month including: basic traffic reporting, site speed analytics, plugin or platform updates, quick fixes, repairs, or updates, and any security threats or attacks which were resolved.

Save More. Do More.

Creating new sections, functionality, or features on your WordPress site is a forgone conclusion. WP Support customers receive a fixed, lower rate of $95 per hour for any web development work outside the support plan’s capabilities, saving you 30-40% per hour off our regular rates.

Our Standard Plans

WP Ultimate

$ 749.00

per month
  • All Professional & Platinum features, plus:
  • Unlimited Quick Fixes (max 8 hours of Development Time)
  • Analytics Consultation/Review
  • Website Review & Suggestions
  • Website Tutorials
  • Unlimited Plugin Installs
  • Minor Marketing Consultation

WP PlatinumMost Common

$ 498.00

per month
  • Including basic features and:
  • 6-8 – Requests (4 hours of Development time)
  • 3 New Plugin Installs
  • Update Theme Files
  • eCommerce support
  • Weekly Stress Testing

WP Professional

$ 250.00

per Month
  • 4 Quick Fixes (30 Minutes or less)
  • Optimize Site Speed
  • 1 New Plugin Install
  • Version & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Malware & Security Scans
  • Uptime Monitoring

About WP Support

While WP Support is a “around the clock” support service, most requests are handled within 24 and 72 hours. Requests received after standard business hours or on weekends will be addressed as soon as it is possible. All “Quick Fixes & Updates” are considered 3o-minute or less jobs. More time-consuming tasks will require a cost and time estimate for your approval. To learn more about the types of requests we allow and acceptable use policies, view our Terms of Service.

Typical Support Requests

  • UI troubleshooting (CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
  • CSS Styling
  • Image manipulation & Content creation
  • Creation of basic graphic elements / action items (i.e. buttons, banners, etc.)
  • WordPress Consultation
  • Optimization of JavaScript, CSS and Images
  • Theme/plugin audits
  • Plugin implementation and installation

Do what you do best… Run Your Business.

Let us worry about the rest!

Unathorized Requests

Our WordPress support services were created for routine maintenance, upkeep, security, and making minor adjustments and upgrades to your website over time. While we are a full-service website design and development firm, complex or time consuming requests are not part of this plan. Here is a typical list of unauthorized requests which would require additional billable time.

  • Website or Landing Page (re)design
  • Custom plugin or theme development
  • SEM/PPC/SEO services
  • WP Multi-Sites or More than one website
  • Tasks that take excess of the 30 minutes