Privacy Notice

This privacy notice outlines the practices of Vinci Digital Marketing ( regarding the collection and use of information through our website.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing: We are the sole proprietors of the information collected on this site. This information is obtained only through direct contact with you or via the website. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone and will use it solely to respond to you.

Your Data Control: You have control over your data with us. You can opt out of future contacts, view, change, correct, or delete any data we have about you, and express any concerns about our use of your data.

Security Measures: We take comprehensive measures to protect your information. Sensitive information is encrypted and transmitted securely. Offline, access to your information is limited to employees who need it for specific tasks.

Privacy Concerns: If you believe we are not adhering to this policy, please contact us immediately via telephone at 831-278-3525 or email at

Our Process

As a leader in lead generation, marketing, optimization, and development, our process is designed to deliver the best results for our clients.

Project Initiation and Terms: Engagements with Vinci Digital start with a detailed Statement of Work (SoW), outlining our services. The agreement becomes effective upon signing by both parties.

Compensation and Billing: Clients agree to compensate Vinci as specified in the SoW. We provide electronic invoices and accept major credit cards, ACH, and PayPal. Our billing cycle is monthly, and project initiation requires the first payment.

Service Termination: Either party can terminate the service with a 30-day, 45-day, or 60-day written notice depending on the contract length. Service alterations require a mutual written agreement.

Client Confidentiality and Data Use: We ensure the confidentiality of client information. Any proprietary information shared during the engagement is safeguarded.

Lead Generation and Marketing Services: Our focus on lead generation, marketing, optimization, and development is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring the highest quality of service and results.

Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes, we prioritize amicable resolution, followed by mediation or arbitration if necessary.

Professional Services Agreement

A commitment to excellence in digital marketing and optimization guides our professional services.

Ownership and Rights: Vinci Digital retains rights to overall marketing materials and strategies developed until full payment. Upon completion and full payment, clients gain ownership of the deliverables.

Focus on Client Success: Our efforts are dedicated to generating leads, optimizing processes, and developing strategies that align with our client’s goals.

Change Management: Any major project scope or strategy changes are subject to review and may affect timelines and costs.

Client Engagement and Expectations

Our relationship with clients is based on clear communication, understanding of goals, and a shared commitment to success.

Regular Updates and Feedback: We maintain open lines of communication, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure alignment with client objectives.

Adaptability and Innovation: We adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, employing innovative strategies for lead generation, marketing, and optimization.

Web Development Project Terms

1. Project Timeline and Cost:

  • Maximum Timeline: The costs outlined in this agreement for website and landing page projects, or any web development project, apply to a project timeline of up to 6 months. This timeline is established based on standard project requirements and workflows of Vinci Digital.
  • Extension of Timeline: In the event that the project extends beyond the 6-month timeline, due to additional requirements or complexities that arise during the course of development, additional time and resources necessary for the completion of the project will be assessed and billed separately by Vinci Digital. This will be in addition to any payment plan previously established under this agreement.

2. Estimated Completion Timeline:

  • General Estimate: The estimated timeline for the completion of a website or web development project by Vinci Digital is approximately 30-60 days. This estimate is contingent upon timely feedback and necessary revisions as required by the Client.
  • Impact of Revisions: The Client should have a reasonable expectation that if revisions become time-consuming or extensive, the timeline to completion will be proportionally extended. Vinci Digital commits to communicating any such delays promptly to the Client.
  • Tentative Nature of Timelines: All provided timelines by Vinci Digital are tentative and subject to change based on project specifics, client responsiveness, and unforeseen complexities. Vinci Digital will make every reasonable effort to adhere to the proposed timelines but cannot guarantee fixed completion dates due to the nature of creative and technical work involved in web development.

3. Client Cooperation: Timely completion of the project heavily relies on the Client’s cooperation in providing necessary information, feedback, and approvals. Delays in Client responses or changes in project scope may result in timeline adjustments and potential additional costs as determined by Vinci Digital.

4. Review and Approval Process: The Client will be involved in a review and approval process at designated stages of the project with Vinci Digital. Vinci Digital will provide opportunities for feedback and revisions, within the scope of the original agreement, to ensure the final product meets the Client’s expectations.

Extended Project Timeline

1. Projects Exceeding 6 Months:

In cases where a web development project is anticipated to extend beyond the standard 6-month timeline, due to its scale, complexity, or specific client requirements, Vinci Digital will:

  • Projects Exceeding 6 Months: In cases where a web development project is anticipated to extend beyond the standard 6-month timeline, due to its scale, complexity, or specific client requirements, Vinci Digital will:
  • Initial Assessment: Conduct an initial assessment to provide an estimated project duration. This assessment will take into consideration the project’s scope, required resources, and any other relevant factors.
  • Communication of Extended Timeline: Clearly communicate to the Client the reasons for the extended timeline and provide a revised project plan with estimated milestones and completion dates.
  • Agreement on Terms: Both Vinci Digital and the Client will mutually agree on the terms relevant to the extended timeline, including any adjustments in costs, payment schedules, and project deliverables.

2. Review and Adjustments During Extended Projects:

  • Regular Reviews: Vinci Digital will conduct regular review meetings with the Client to discuss project progress, any challenges encountered, and potential impact on the timeline.
  • Adjustments: If there are significant changes in the project scope or unforeseen obstacles that further extend the timeline, Vinci Digital will communicate these changes promptly and renegotiate the terms as necessary.

3. Flexibility in Extended Projects: Vinci Digital acknowledges the dynamic nature of web development projects and commits to maintaining a flexible approach, adapting to evolving client needs while ensuring the highest quality of work within a reasonable and agreed-upon timeframe.

4. Client Responsibilities: For projects with extended timelines, the Client is expected to provide timely feedback, approvals, and any required content or information to avoid additional delays. Delays caused by the Client may result in timeline adjustments and could incur additional costs.

Deposit and Refund Policy

1. Non-Refundable Deposits: The Client agrees to pay a deposit to Vinci Digital prior to the commencement of the project as outlined in the contract. This deposit is a commitment fee for Vinci’s services and is used to allocate resources and initiate project planning and execution.

2. Commencement of Work: Vinci Digital will notify the Client of the project’s official start date. From this date, the project is considered to have started.

3. Conditions for Non-Refundability:

  • Post-Project Commencement: Once the project has officially started, as notified to the Client, the deposit becomes fully non-refundable. This policy is in recognition of the resources, time, and efforts invested by Vinci Digital in the initial stages of the project.
  • Exceeding 60 Days: In instances where the project has not commenced due to the Client’s delay in completing necessary components of onboarding, as outlined in the contract, and such delay exceeds 60 days from the date of the deposit, the deposit will be rendered non-refundable. This clause is to ensure timely cooperation and project progression.

4. Client Responsibilities: The Client acknowledges their responsibility to provide timely information, feedback, approvals, and any other requirements necessary for the onboarding process and the project’s initiation, as detailed in the contract.

5. Exceptions: Any exceptions to this policy may only be made at the discretion of Vinci Digital and must be agreed upon in writing.