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what is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing is hands down, the most effective way to turn complete strangers into promoters of your brand and business. It begins with acquiring a deep understanding of who your potential buyers are and the information they need when looking for solutions or answers to their problems and challenges. By aligning the content you publish with your target customer’s needs you attract better leads, shorten the sales cycle, generate higher marketing ROI, nurture existing client relationships, and continue to delight new customers over time.

Vinci Digital Inbound Methodology Infographic

stages of inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing Attracting more leads


Successful internet marketing begins with traffic, but not just any traffic. You want the right traffic… visitors who are more than likely to become leads and eventually customers for your business.  First we must learn exactly who your ideal customers are then develop engaging and useful content that speaks directly to their common challenges, goals, problems, and more.

Tools we use: Blogging, Keyword Research, SEO, and Social Publishing


more leads

Companies that blog regularly see 126% more leads than those who don’t


Once you are attracting the right kind of website visitors, it’s critical to gather more information about them, specifically their contact information. Visitors need a reason to give up their information and take action. By creating rich content resources such as eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, tips and guides, you offer something of value in exchange for their contact information.

Tools we use: Contact Forms, Calls-to-Actions, and Landing Pages


better prospects

Inbound produces 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices

inbound marketing - converting visitors to leads


Often the most challenging step of the inbound sales process, is closing. You’ve done well building targeted traffic and getting them to take action. Now using various marketing tools, research, as well as personal contact with your sales team you begin to track and measure which prospects are more likely to close and continually reassess and improve this measurable data over time to convert more leads into buyers.

Tools we use: CRM, Email, and Workflows


more conversions

Inbound marketers double the average site conversion rate from 6% to 12%


A core tenet of inbound is to continue providing valuable content to our users no matter which stage of the customer lifecycle they are in. Companies who successfully implement inbound continue to engage and delight their customers even after the sale. This helps turn happy customers into promoters and brand advocates for your business and for your products that they love.

Tools we use: Surveys, Smart Content, and Social Monitoring


better ROI

Inbound costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing

delighting inbound customers

Our Key Components to Inbound Marketing Success

Website Development & Design

A website that presents well, is appropriate for your target audience, and is functionally sound is critical to building a successful inbound campaign. All inbound efforts drive traffic back to your website and from there we measure and evaluate its effectiveness.

Creating Useful & Engaging Content

Strangers, prospects, and customers all have questions, needs, and challenges they are looking for help with. Well-written, useful blog content should be generated to address their specific needs at any stage of their lifecycle with your business.

Distributing & Optimizing Content

Generating great content without a delivery mechanism is futile. Once content is produced it must be carefully optimized to insure it appeals to your target readers. Then, it is also critical to determine how, where, and when to distribute the content for maximum impact.

Landing Pages & Forms

Creating powerful landing pages allows your business to learn more about prospects as well as separate browsers from buyers. Through forms you can also segment prospects and collect a great deal of information about their preferences, behaviors, and more.

Social Media Publishing & Engagement

Through social channels you are able to share valuable information and content that was written specifically for your target audience(s). Social media is also a valuable resource for engaging one on one with prospects where they spend a great majority of their time.

Email Workflows & Automation

Developing custom tailored email marketing for your target audience is critical to converting leads into customers. By nurturing leads and providing valuable insight right in their inbox conversion rates increase and the length of your sales cycle can dramatically shorten.

Life Cycle Marketing

Happy customers and brand promoters do not appear out of the blue. They began their journey like everyone else… as strangers, then visitors, contacts, and eventually buyers. By keeping them happy and nurturing those relationships, you continue to deliver and delight customers.


A big component of successful inbound is smart content and personalizing your marketing to speak directly to the reader. As you learn more about your target audience(s) you can develop unique, segmented content that further helps you personalize your message to fit their needs.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The nature of inbound is to get in front of your target audience where they hang out most. This makes them more likely to want to engage and interact with you. Therefore we focus on numerous marketing channels simultaneously.

Reporting & Integration

Inbound marketing is all about measurable results. Every email, blog, social post, visit to your landing page, click on a link or button, etc. is tracked and measured to determine the effectiveness of your inbound efforts and whether those efforts align with the goals established at the start of your marketing initiative.

Vinci Digital’s Inbound Certifications

Inbound Certification

Our inbound team is fully certified to deliver a full suite of inbound services in all phases of our inbound methodology. We ensure that every client receives the same level of inbound expertise, all contributing to the project’s success.

HubSpot Certification

Our HubSpot certification represents our proficiency with HubSpot’s full suite of inbound marketing tools and strategy. This certification also represents our ability to apply this acquired knowledge to our clients projects as well.

Partner Certification

Our HubSpot Partner Certification represents our expertise in planning, delivering, and managing inbound marketing services to our customers.

COS Designer Certification

Our HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) Certification demonstrates our knowledge and expertise within the HubSpot platform, creating and designing well laid out, functional, visually pleasing marketing.

Vinci Digital is Inbound Certified and a Hubspot Certified Partner Agency