The Challenge

Crab Zone LLC’s website build is a project that we wear proudly on our “sleeve” as the company was founded by two highly decorated EOD Air Force veterans who started the business to service the EOD community worldwide. As Vinci Digital is also a military family-owned business, with with over twelve years and strong roots in the EOD community we aim to help however best we can. Mark Fogle, the owner of Crab Zone LLC came to us after several failed attempts at a “do it yourself” website to get the word out about their products and services. We collectively agreed in the massive potential his company could deliver on, if only their was a platform in place to allow customers to find his company as well as efficiently handle orders, process payments, and manage customers.

Our Solution

We designed and created a responsive e-Commerce WordPress website that delivers on our collective vision. Mark’s new site allows customers from all over the country to easily place orders, request custom products, and learn more about all that Crab Zone has to offer and how it gives back to the EOD community. We are proud to be a part of this project and look forward to our continued partnership and bringing even greater success to Mark and his family!

Visit Website

Vinci Digital Marketing is, hands down, the best website developers I've ever had the privilege of dealing with since starting my company. When I first started, I tried signing up an acquaintance to develop my website, believing they had my best interest in mind. After months of constant hounding and many sleepless night, I discovered I wasn’t any closer to my debut into the world of e-commerce. Feeling very disgruntled, I then tried one of the “big box stores” for building my website. I purchased all the bells and whistles to make it an awesome site but quickly learned there was no way to make it reflect my vision or give it the look or feel I was after...regardless of all the "blank templates" they offered. I then shopped around for other website designers and they all made me feel like I was just a number in their customer service call log. That's when I found Vinci Digital Marketing..and the prospects of my company and its existential longevity multiplied beyond my wildest expectations!! In simpler terms, they designed a website which clearly shows that any failure of the company would be based on the products and service and not the medium bringing it to the public. Their team is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and interested in providing the best web site to achieve your vision and goal. In fact, they are so dedicated to helping you that they’ll quickly become an integral part of your company. The team at Vinci Digital Marketing will not sell you anything you don't need and they'll explain all the technical details in terms you'll understand. On top of all this, they're very military friendly and offer great discounts to veterans. I know this because I'm one of them. If you decide not to go with Vinci Digital Marketing, I wish you all the best because I have yet to meet anyone else who will take care of you like they do.

Mark Fogle