The Challenge

First City CrossFit is a newly established gym in the Monterey, CA area. We got to know owner Frank Foehrenbach over the past few years as he introduced some of our staff to CrossFit and we fell in love it it! CrossFit in general is a community-based approach to fitness that leaves little to be desired. However, when that in-person experience is lost when visiting a gym’s website it presents a real problem attracting new members to their facility. While First City is one of only a handful of CrossFit gyms in the area, they still rely heavily on their online visibility to attract new members to grow their community.

Former FirstCity CrossFit Website

Former FCCF Website

Frank reached out to us around the time he decided to move the gym into a much larger space. Now offering over 8000 square of floor space, some of the best workout gear in the area, and a talented coaching staff, it was time to let the website reflect all of the features and benefits First City offers to its athletes.

CrossFit gyms have a rather demanding visitor base. Unlike some businesses who may only get visitors at the time of purchase or to inquire about services, CrossFit gyms have more complex needs. Athletes return to the website, often on a daily basis to check out the schedule, workout of the day, upcoming events, or any publicly available stats from previous workouts to see how they stack up against other members. All of this had to be taken into account on the new site.

Our Solution

First City’s new site, lives up to our collaborative vision of creating a site that was functional, user-friendly, engaging for new prospects, and very informative to help both new visitors as well as existing members learn more at a few clicks of a mouse. The site is also optimized for mobile visitors as most athletes access the site while on the go and coming to or coming from the gym. First City  is also heavily active on social media and needed a site that would keep their athletes in touch with their social pages as well. First City’s new responsive, WordPress website is the best around and sets a new standard of how a gym’s website should appeal to members first and foremost. We look forward to working with Frank and First City CrossFit for years to come!

Visit Website

Vinci Digital were great to work with across the board. They did not just update the look of our website, but helped us analyze the different user experiences and make the experience of visitors to our website better. We continually get amazing feedback from our new clients and our existing clients on how great the new website looks. They were also able to help us with a payment plan to help spread out the cost. We will happily be continuing our relationship with Vinci Digital and I would absolutely recommend them to friends and colleagues... in fact I already have! Thanks Jerry and Vinci Digital!

Frank Foehrenbach