The Challenge

Prostar Auto Transport is a domestic auto transport company helping individuals and businesses efficiently transport vehicles coast to coast. We were a customer of Tiffany’s before she ever became a client of ours as we needed help shipping two vehicles out to the west coast.

Working with Tiffany was a wonderful experience and we instantly established great rapport with her. However, we quickly realized her website was not living up to the level of service and professionalism she provided upon engagement with a customer. And, the website in some cases was a deterrent and causing customers to shop elsewhere.

Finding an auto transport provider is difficult and its easy to get sucked into working with a less-than reliable vendor without even realizing what is at stake. Tiffany’s personable, one-on-one, and honest approach is a breath of fresh air. Because of our previously established relationship, we were first on her short list of agencies to consider when she made the decision to overhaul her site.

Tiffany’s website was also problematic because they receive a huge amount of traffic from the search engines which had to be maintained, and had an outdated but customized quote tool (separate from the website) which needed to be taken into consideration when building the site.

Our Solution

We delivered a professional, responsive WordPress website that finally allows Prostar’s professional and customer-service centric shine through. As an added feature of their site, we also created a custom Quote Tracking and Communication plugin which enables Tiffany to receive quotes, respond, and organize her quote communication with customers directly in her WordPress dashboard. She has received rave reviews about her website on a weekly basis from both new and returning customers. We look forward to continuing our relationship with who we feel is the best Auto Transport Broker to work with, from first hand experience!

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