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SEO & Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for better placement in the search engines to increase quality search traffic to your website. This traffic comes from the free search results, otherwise known as the “organic” listings. Search Engines are similar to librarians. Their job is to categorize, index, and sort every web page based on a number of varying factors. Your page is ranked and sorted according to how relevant your web page is to the search phrase entered.

Content Marketing is a strategic approach to delivering useful and engaging content on your website to attract customers. The content created must be targeted to appeal to your core audience and provide useful and dynamic content that users will love and come back to read more of time and time again. Rather than trying to get customers attention, content marketing attracts the right visitors in a natural way.

Why is Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing so Important?

Considering the fact that without publishing fresh content on your site regularly and making sure your website is optimized for the key phrases and terms your customers search for most, its unlikely your website will perform well or maintain its current rankings in the search results.

Many business owners assume this is a “one and done” strategy and if your site is optimized well when it first launches you will be well positioned indefinitely. However, new competitors are flooding your market and existing competitors are doing everything they can to trump your efforts.

If staying ahead or keeping pace with your competitors is critical to your business, content marketing and search engine optimization are an absolute necessity.

Recent Statistics

SEO and Content Marketing target your exact audience which drives more quality traffic to your website. Their needs are inline with your message and product offering.

What would an increase in quality traffic to your site do for your bottom line?

Here are some recent statistics*:

  • Over 60% of internet users research products online
  • 60% of organic clicks go to the top 3 search results
  • 86% of consumers use search engines to learn something new
  • 44% of online shoppers start with an internet search
  • SEO leads close at nearly 15% while direct mail closes at 1.7%
  • 50% of Mobile searches are performed to find local vendors
  • 12 billion searches are performed each month in the United States

*Data source:

Search Engine Optimization Includes:

  • Organic search strategy and consulting
  • SEO Audit – reviewing and improving onsite elements
  • Keyword and comptetitor research
  • Traffic monitoring and reporting
  • Content promotion

Content Marketing Services Include:

  • Content strategy development and consulting
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Copywriting and blogging
  • Content promotion across social media and email
  • Campaign development