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What it Looks Like When There is not Enough YOU in Your Business

Last week we broke down what it looks like when there is too much YOU in your business. This week we are back with a follow-up article to help you figure out what it looks like when there is not ENOUGH you in your business.

While ensuring you are not your own worst enemy when reaching your target audience is crucial, understanding the role you should be playing and where you fit into your business and brand is just as important.

As a story brand – you are the guide supplying crucial tools and resources to the hero of the story – your customer. But as a business owner, you also play a crucial role in pursuing brand loyalty and public relations. Now you may be thinking – “Wait a damn minute. You just got through telling me to keep ME and my personal opinions out of things.” But don’t get it twisted – we want to make sure there isn’t TOO MUCH you, we never said there shouldn’t be any at all!

Here are three questions you can use to audit your business and make sure there is enough YOU in your business.

#1 Can consumers find YOU on your marketing collateral?

Can consumers find YOU on your marketing collateral?

If you answered “no” to this question, definitely keep reading. If you answered “yes” you should keep reading too.

As we said in last week’s blog – the only reason your consumers give you a chance is so they can figure out if you have what they need. Even after a consumer figures out you can provide them with what they need, they may take some time to compare you to competitors before pulling the trigger. Oftentimes, consumers will review price points, quality, transparency, affiliates, eco-friendliness, goodwill efforts, reputation and reviews, and ownership before making the final decision on where to spend their money.

As studies continue to show, consumers, care more and more about the ethics behind the businesses they choose to support. According to an article in Forbes, “Unlike any other time in history, consumers are truly demanding more from the companies with which they do business. Today’s shoppers are looking for ethical, eco-friendly brands that put people and the planet ahead of profits.”

Want to know one of the quickest ways to find out what is important to a business? Find out what is important to its owner. If a consumer can’t find out who the owner is, it may make them suspicious and wrongly make assumptions about your business.

That being said, your absence alone will not likely take you out of the running for your audience’s business. However, by remaining unseen, you would be missing out on a major opportunity to not only support your brand identity but to plant meaningful seeds amongst your audience through an authentic but well-crafted presence.

#2 Does your community know who you are? (Not just who your business is..)

Does your community know who you are? (Not just who your business is..)

It’s one thing for your community to see the name of your business on the new high school gym donor plaque but it’s another entirely for them to see you, the owner, shaking hands and passing out water at the local children’s hospital fundraiser. Your storefront can’t sprout legs and run around making introductions and taking part in community relations – only a real-life human being can do that.

If your community isn’t able to put a face to your business – it can make your business feel less “local”. As fate would have it, supporting local, small businesses are totally #trending and your community wants to buy from the mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar storefronts rather than big box stores. Don’t let them question which category your business falls under by being a silent, unseen presence lurking behind closed doors.

Want to know more about community relations and how they can impact your business? We’ve got you covered.

#3 Do you still know your business?

Do you still know your business?

If your answer was anything short of “Absolutely!” It may be time to bring some of YOU back into business by doing some auditing of more than just your bio on the website. Remember – this business is your brainchild and it’s your blood, sweat, and tears that build its foundation.

Stick with us. When you started your business you probably had a solid vision for the who, what, where, and why. You were involved in every decision, every end cap design, and each sale. You poured yourself into every detail because you were just starting out and it was all up to you. But your business has evolved over the years. The team has grown. More and more is delegated (as it should be) and some of the core values that got you started have taken a back seat leaving a business that doesn’t look quite like it used to.

As the owner, you may have taken a step back and allowed room for evolution. But sometimes without your vision, that evolution may be heading in the wrong direction leaving you with less passion and pride for what your business is becoming.

At Vinci, we are big believers in auditing ourselves and our business to ensure we make educated decisions and corrections when needed. Don’t freak out if you’re reading this with a sinking feeling in your stomach. Consider hiring a business consultant to come in and help perform an audit to get you back on track.

You can’t take the U out of Business

You can’t take the U out of Business

Finding balance as a business owner can be tricky – but YOU will always be the heart and soul and there is a place for you right at the helm of the ship. Regardless of if you are trying to bring in a team to support you and help your business grow or if you are trying to step back into some of the daily operations to revive some components of your company – you are the best person for the job.

Are you interested in bringing in a team to help audit your business? We would love to connect with you.

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci

Gerald D. Vinci is the CEO of Vinci Digital with over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising. He partners with mid-size, established businesses as a growth and scalability consultant and strategic branding advisor as well as offering a full-suite of agency services. Gerald calls Carmel, CA home with his wife Safira and two children. He has co-authored two books, and is working on his own upcoming book titled, “Small Business Pricing Mastery – Creating effective pricing and defining value for today’s products and services.”